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Thermographic Survey

Building Company Glasgow, Scotland


CDM-UK ensure to provide an accurate and reliable Thermographic Survey on your property to ensure any flaws or issues are detected as soon as possible prior to future damage being caused. A Thermographic Survey is a visual inspection which allows a trained engineer to locate areas of lower or higher temperatures within a premises. This form of survey is a fast acting and effective method of finding key issues within a structure removing the need for invasive exploration works to detect such faults. In the long run this is a cost effective method of exploration which removes the need for costly construction costs and limits the number of trades required to ensure client’s needs are met with less disruption and inconvenience. 

Thermographic Survey Report

Our thermographic surveys are used to find areas of lower temperatures which display future issues such as lack of necessary insulation resulting in lower energy efficiency, water leakage within the building structure possibly resulting from clear gaps in masonry work or possible roofing damage. For regions of higher temperatures faults such as: faulty electrical or wiring defects, any clearly defective mechanical components including overheating of key components. 

Prior to works a thermographic survey is an effective method of determining the over all performance of key aspects of a home’s energy efficiency rating. The survey can be used to determine all forms of heat loss while highlighting areas which clearly lack thermal integrity. The process is also used in a manor which allows the performance of underfloor heating or heating pipes to be measured. This also highlights any blockages or areas of poor circulation within the system. 

One key factor we cover with this service is providing a detailed report relating to all aspects of construction. Our thermal imaging software can use infrared radiation to see within the premises providing possible instances of poor construction to assist with any disputes you may have within the construction sector. Our detailed report can be essential to providing any reports you may need when entering, selling or disputing property build works.

For a quote or to add us to database of reactive maintenance suppliers email our office at info@cdm-uk.com today. Alternatively please feel free to call our office on 01698 422 5551 for a conversation about your needs or requirements.