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CDM provides a full circle service, covering construction, design and management services.

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Turnkey Projects

Building Company Glasgow, Scotland


CDM-UK offer a comprehensive range of general building works that cater to projects of all sizes. A profound characteristic of ours, that is ingrained in all of our employees, is our emphasis on the importance of high value. We take pride in our workmanship and our ability to maintain a sharp eye for detail.

Through our meticulous approach and attention to customer service, we consistently exceed expectations, making us one of the reputable building contractors in Glasgow. This is demonstrated through our portfolio of clients, with which we have maintained long-lasting relationships over the years. Throughout each project, we sustain an ethos of co-operation and trust with our clients, by communicating regularly and honestly with our partners.

The heart of our success is our aptitude for recruiting employees of great proficiency and commitment to their trade, meaning that everybody at CDM-UK is passionate about what they do. Once recruited, staff members are continuously being trained to help facilitate their personal development. Our managers boast years of experience in a number of different sustainable building projects in both the private and public sectors, making them highly adaptable to any challenge put in front of them. At CDM-UK we can guarantee that all of our projects will be finished on time and within budget due to our logistical expertise, which therefore gives us confidence in saying that we are one of the most reliable building contractors in Glasgow.


Project Building Services

Our dynamic team undertake a wide range of general building, renovation and refurbishment work. We concentrate on adopting an innovative approach that is cost effective as well as energy efficient, whilst guaranteeing minimal impact on the environment and the communities. Our services include:

  • new builds
  • extensions
  • loft and garage conversions
  • both complete commercial and residential refurbishments
  • kitchen and bathroom installations
  • all forms of general building; tiling and electrical work, plumbing, joinery and many more.

For more information about CDM-UK and our services, please contact us today.