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CDM provides a full circle service, covering construction, design and management services.

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Concrete Repairs

Structural and Concrete Repairs

Building Company Glasgow, Scotland


Structural & Concrete Repairs

CDM-UK provide a comprehensive range of concrete and repair services in Glasgow that consistently surpass industry standards. With quality at the foundation of everything that we do, we guarantee that we will deliver a premium service. This is due to our team of concrete repair specialists that all have a passion for their trade, which is ultimately the heart of our success.

We have a rigorous and standardised recruitment process that entails examining potential team members on their ability to work efficiently whilst delivering an end product of excellence. A unique characteristic of CDM-UK is that our staff members are continuously being trained through an array of different programmes in order to ensure that our team of specialists remain dynamic.

About CDM-UK Concrete Repair

Concrete damage can occur as a result of several factors, such as corrosion, structural impairment and water infiltration. Due to our deep wealth of research and practical experience, we provide clients a comprehensive list of services. We repair all types of concrete structures as well as strengthening the build in order to prevent future damage being done from corrosive elements. We collaborate closely with clients, guiding them through every stage of the operation, proving you with detailed information based on the diagnosis that we carry out prior to the operation.

Our structural repair specialists use a number of different methods to guarantee durability. The use of repair mortars, special protective coatings, reinforcement systems as well as meticulous corrosion management can help extend structural lifespan beyond its initial design. Whether the issue is due to corrosive elements, structural flaws or natural deterioration, our proficient team have the expertise to find a solution to any problem. Time and again we have exceeded expectations, and as a result of our consistency we have built long-lasting relationships with clients that have repeatedly consulted us for our services over the years.

If you are in need of any concrete repairs, or seeking additional advice based on our service, contact us today.