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CDM provides a full circle service, covering construction, design and management services.

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Construction Case Studies

Learning about the construction industry can be beneficial for anyone. Whether you are looking to establish a career in the industry or you want to be able to make better decisions and chose wisely for your own house or office needs.

We publish regular case studies of our work and what we have accomplished in the field. We also share the lessons we learn, how we dealt with some difficult clients, and how we manage the projects of our clients?

We share this information to help you grow and learn even more along the way. This sharing of knowledge is beneficial to the industry and our future clients so they can make better decisions for their projects and budget accordingly.

If you are a student in the field who is looking to start a career in the field. You must read our case studies. These case studies will help you get ready to step into the field and will give you many tips and tricks to save money or find the right dealers for the materials for the contracts your company undertakes.

If you are a client looking to hire a contractor. These case studies will tell you what issues you can face if you hire the wrong contractor? How you can combine design and structure techniques to make your project better? These case studies will help you plan your project from start to finish.