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CDM provides a full circle service, covering construction, design and management services.

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Construction Work

Full Contract Management and Admin

Building Company Glasgow, Scotland


We appreciate that managing a contract during a design or construction project can be a challenging process; however CDM can fully manage this for you. We ensure that your projects are completed to the contracted requirements and programmes.

CDM’s team of experienced individuals can offer these professional services to both client and contractor alike.

Construction Contract Management

If you are a busy person then you definitely need a construction contractor to manage your projects. We have managed many projects for many residential and commercial clients all across the UK. Our clients have hired us to manage restaurants, offices, houses, apartments, libraries, and many other types of construction and renovation projects.
Our construction contract management services make sure that your project is in line with your ideas and your budget is utilized most effectively. We strive to achieve the 100% satisfaction of our clients. For us, our project is our priority and your budget is our responsibility.
Our team is professional and well experienced on the field and they will not let you down. Our construction contractor management team will do their best to give you the most ideal results you can hope for. Your construction contract is safe in our hands