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CDM provides a full circle service, covering construction, design and management services.

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Civils and Groundworks

Building Company Glasgow, Scotland


Civils & Groundworks

CDM-UK’s Civils and Groundworks department are equipped to handle all your resurfacing and landscaping needs, including the installation of drainage and bordering. 

Our team provide services from tarmacadam to kerbing and lining, as well as touch up and repair ensuring a smooth, high quality surface for roads and car parks.
All works are carried out with the express purpose of reducing disruption to the area.
That means we don’t promise overly-ambitious schedules, we deliver on reasonable ones.
Our landscaping team are on hand to repair any issues within the exterior of properties. This also falls within the realm of our aftercare works. Our wealth of skill and experience allows us to not only provide repairs, but full landscaping re-designs to fit your requirements. 

The majority of landscaping repairs we attend are the result of poor drainage within the area, and thus, could have been prevented.
CDM are also on hand to assess and fit quality drainage to any environment.
We survey the area, including any necessary groundwater or land surveys to fully calculate the optimum locations for any drainage installation. 

CDM can also complete any road or civil projects with bordering requirements. Whether this be walling or fencing for aesthetic or security purposes, we work with all parties involved to create a design that fits their needs.

Working with CDM-UK’s Civils and Groundworks team allows you to decide to which degree we are employed.
Whether that be for minor repair works or full design and build, we have all the personnel and equipment required to meet you or your clients needs.

For a quote or to add us to database of maintenance suppliers email our office at info@cdm-uk.com today. Alternatively, please feel free to call our office on 01698 422 5551 for a conversation about your needs or requirements.