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CDM provides a full circle service, covering construction, design and management services.

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Building Company Glasgow, Scotland


Joinery Service In Glasgow, Hamilton & Scotland

CDM-UK’s Joinery department prides itself on its service. Our team are on hand to assist with any of your joinery needs. From interior design and fitting to exterior doors and windows, we have you covered. Our team will first visit to assess the project and plan accordingly. This ensures that you, the client, can know precisely what is required before work begins. Our offices and management team are also on hand to provide updates and allow you to inspect the project prior to handover.

As well as providing highly skilled joiners, we also source and supply all materials ourselves, giving you peace of mind and ensuring you’ll get nothing but the best.

While providing all aspects of domestic joinery such as doors, windows, skirting boards and stairs, CDM-UK specialise in Turnkey Joinery projects. If you require a full kitchen replacement, We offer all the necessary services in-house, allowing us control over all aspects of the project and ensuring quality across the board.

Because our staff carry a wide range of specialisations, our joiners can easily work in tandem with our other departments such as architecture and engineering. The high level of coordination between our teams allows us to offer a fully holistic service.

Whatever your requirement’s, CDM are on hand to cover all of your joinery needs.

CDM’s joinery department work in all sectors for clients including commercial, residential and leisure while also working with project managers, architects and main contractors directly.

We source materials for all of our works based on budget and specifications to ensure you receive the best quality to suit your specific needs.

Our turnkey projects within this sector include corporate offices, banks and large scale residential developments. We consistently prove our ability to work in all environments and work closely with our clients to meet any requirements including the hours of work and any specific health and safety needs. Like all of our tradespeople, our joiners carry all the necessary insurances and accreditations to work in any environment necessary.

For a quote or to add us to database of reactive maintenance suppliers email our office at info@cdm-uk.com today. Alternatively please feel free to call our office on 01698 422 5551 for a conversation about your needs or requirements