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Specialist Rendering

Specialist Rendering

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At CDM-UK,  our expert render team are on hand to assist you with any rendering requirement which you may have. We work to your specifications and requirements. We can also provide insight to ensure the finished product exceeds your expectations.

Specialist Rendering Services

CDM-UK handle all forms of rendering to ensure we can provide our signature level of quality on the finished product. To provide some brief into each of the variants of render materials we provide, allowing you to choose the system suitable to your needs, please follow the guide below.

Cement Render

A cement render is one of the most durable form of classic render system. This ensures the final product is hard waring while also allowing for a selection of different colour variants. Along with being hard waring, a cement render can also provide additional support to your building structure while protecting against dampness and water penetration to the interior of the property. Our team uses high quality cement products to provide a high quality finish. This style of render cures quicker than most others and provides a cost effective render system. Lime Render

Lime Render

A Lime Render, or “Natural Hydraulic Lime Render” (NHL) is a product which has been utilised in construction for many years. The key benefit of a Lime Render System is that it produces a breathable final product which can expand and contract with the surface that it is applied to. This makes Lime Render systems extremely popular with older and wooden properties.

Polymer Render

One of the more recently available render systems is the Polymer Render. This system employs a silicone water repellent in the cement mix, creating a finished product that  not only has a water repellent exterior but will allow water vapours from the interior to pass through. This creates a product that allows the substrate to breathe easily.

Monocouche Render

A Monocouch Render system is the perfect system to provide both weather protection and decorative elements simultaneously. Originally a french word, Monocouche translates to “single diagonal”. In short this render system is a single layer render which does not require a base coat. This system is popular with newer properties and comes in a wide range of colours for the perfect finish.

Insulated Render

This specialised render system is given its name due to the exterior wall insulation it provides. The system is often used to reduce a properties carbon footprint by minimising heat loss from a building’s interior. It is estimated that one third of all heat supplied to a property can be lost due to poor insulation. An insulated render system reduces this and is adaptable to any properties with solid or single skin walls which lack a wall cavity for cavity wall insulation.

Acrylic Render

Acrylic Render Systems are used as a finishing coat for render works mentioned above. It contains aggregates which are formed from fragments or particles which are loosely compacted together. This system produces a rough render or “roughcast” allowing for a textured surface where the size of the aggregates can vary to achieve the desired appearance. The purpose of an Acrylic Render (out with aesthetic purposes) is to assist in sealing the surface of the render and the surface beneath. This render system can also aid in covering any evidence of alteration works or unwanted defects. Whichever render you require or to find out which render may best suit your build please contact our office team to arrange a survey. From here our management team will be on hand to provide options of materials and costings to fit your specifications.

For a quote or to add us to database of reactive maintenance suppliers, email our office at info@cdm-uk.com today. Alternatively, please feel free to call our office on 01698 422 5551for a conversation about your needs or requirements.