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Services Spotlight: Thermographic Survey

A thermographic survey is an information-gathering process carried out by a thermographer, where a thermal camera is used to display infrared light – invisible to the human eye.

What is it for?

The point of this survey is to pinpoint the root of issues such as internal damp, gaps in insulation, and heat loss. If a customer is not one hundred percent sure why they have one of these issues persisting – a thermographic survey may be a good idea.

Whether the survey is internal or external, the process of a thermographic survey is of minimal intrusion to the customer and their home. The survey can cover vast areas of property in a short period of time.

How long does it take?

A typical thermographic survey takes between one and two hours. Depending on the size of the building it could take up to four hours (if the building being surveyed is a large commercial building, etc.) 

A survey can either be interior or exterior, depending on the request of the customer. An interior survey is more common for domestic properties, as heat does not always travel in a straight line through a solid wall – an interior survey would give more accurate results of a root issue.

Preparing for a Thermographic Survey

To ensure the most accurate result, residents can do things such as moving furniture away from walls, taking down curtains, and making sure all windows are closed. Depending on the type of survey (passive or active) clients may be asked to maintain the property at a certain temperature before the thermographer arrives to assure a clear result.


After the survey is complete, we produce a detailed report outlining construction errors or possible issues with your property’s energy efficiency. These results can greatly narrow down the root issues causing the heat deficiencies in the property and will also be of great assistance in any follow-up remedial works.

For a quote, please get in touch with us! You can contact our office (01698 422 551) or send us an email at info@cdm-uk.com.

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