Specialist Rendering Scotland & Glasgow

External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation can add to the aesthetic appeal of your property with many finishes available. However, the main purpose of this process is to protect your property. External wall insulation reduces heat loss, prevents the likelihood of damp and condensation all while protecting the brickwork and interior walls of a property; prolonging their lifespan.

Acrylic/Silicone Rendering

CDM’s experienced rendering team can apply acrylic rendering to any exterior wall. This form of rendering uplifts the image of the property with a striking finish. Acrylic rendering comes in a variety of colours and textures to add the final touches to your properties exterior.

Silicone rendering ensures your property remains dry while allowing the moisture to pass through and out of your walls. This breathable rendering style is created by mixing silicone into the concrete mixture.

Monocouche Rendering

Monochouche or “Scrape” rendering is a mixture of modern and traditional rendering techniques. The rendering solution itself is modern and advanced however like traditional methods it can be applied in a single coat. This makes scrape rendering a time effective form of rendering.

Due to the varying forms of scrape rendering available speak with our team here at CDM to ensure that you obtain the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

Dry/Wet Dash Rendering and Plastering

Whether your property requires wet or dry dash rendering as its finishing exterior CDM’s experienced team can provide this.

Plastering works are always available within our rendering department on both the exterior and interior of any property.

Basement Tanking

Basement conversions are becoming much more popular in today’s world and this trend is only set to continue as the demand for accommodation and the price of land grows.

CDM use specialist products of the highest industry standards to complete all basement tanking works. Working, as always, to our strict, high health and safety standards CDM will carry out all evaluation of the property and manage all works in a time efficient manner to our trademark levels of professionalism and service.

Basement tanking is a necessity when it comes to ensuring any foundation extensions carried out remain protected and dry. CDM can handle all projects of this nature including lift shafts, swimming pools, electrical protection, storage areas and basement conversions.