Principle Global - HSBC Edinburgh

We have attended at HSBC office headquarters at the South Gyle in Edinburgh where we have supplied and fitted new electrical cable and containment for the new external signage branding installation on both side elevations of the office headquarters, where all works were carried out both during and out with normal business hours, where the ceiling was removed at various locations, existing containment utilised and new cable fitted within the existing containment running from the DB board at one end of the building to the new external sign position at the opposite end of the building, where upon completion of the works the ceiling areas then reinstated. Carpet floor tiles along with raised flooring were also removed at various areas to allow installation of both new cable and containment through the full length of the building through the existing fire compartments, where upon completion on fire compartments were reinstated to comply with industry required regulations, floors refitted, testing and commissioning of new installation carried out and completed with certificates issued.

We have since procured further works with the Principal Global business working alongside them erecting and fitting office furniture within the new Nationwide building at Argyle Street Glasgow to a high standard and spec.