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Banking Hall Plaster Repairs

Banking Hall Plaster Repair Works in Edinburgh

Banking Hall Plaster Repairs

Working for our client, ISS Facilities Services, we undertook an emergency repairs project which had the purpose of repairing cracked and boss plaster within the banking hall area. This was a £55 thousand project which was undertaken following CDM being requested by the client to diagnose and rectify the issue of the boss and cracking plaster. CDM managed all elements of the project.

CDM erected a fully encapsulated scaffold which facilitated a closer look at the damage to be repaired and allowed for us to remove any health and safety risks from the construction site. It was determined following a thorough inspection that the full panel of plasterwork had detached from the substrate and would need to be carefully removed and fully replaced. Our team carried out the work over a number of weekends and night shifts in order to ensure that the construction work which needed to be undertaken was done in the hours which caused minimal disruption to the business operations of our client.

With the banking hall being a Grade A listed building, it was important that all work carried out complied with all aspects of the building listing. This was completed by carrying out specialist plasterwork techniques and by using plasterwork materials which were in compliance with the building listing.

There was a total of eight people employed on this project and the banking hall, which was repaired to top quality, is the registered head office of a major UK financial institution.


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